Our Vision

To protect and safeguard world's information so that it can be used for the greater good

Our Mission

To empower organizations in achieving their business goals with peace of mind by providing comprehensive data security solutions that protect and safeguard their valuable information, allowing them to focus on growth and success

Use cases

Data Discovery Challenge

Across Apps, across databases, across file formats, across devices, structured vs unstructured , across vendors , on prem vs cloud.

Data Classification Challenge

No awareness or no attempt has been made to track sensitive information at the data /file level across most enterprises

Lack of standardization

Enterprise Data (Unstructured & structured) often lacks a standardized format, making it difficult to identify and classify sensitive information

Huge Volume of Data

The volume of data in organizations can be immense, making it challenging to identify and classify sensitive information or PII/PHI

Multiple Data Sources

Data can be stored across multiple data sources across different formats such as email, file servers, and cloud-based storage, or on Prem further complicating identification and classification efforts

Dynamic nature of data

Data is dynamic and constantly changing, making it challenging to maintain accurate classification and identification over time.

Our Position

At Vectoredge, we are your dedicated partner in data security, committed to safeguarding your most valuable asset i.e organization Data across on-premises and cloud environments, including structured and unstructured data.

We understand the urgency of protecting sensitive information from evolving threats and the importance of maintaining compliance. Our comprehensive solution is designed to empower businesses with cutting-edge data security while addressing compliance challenges, and offers ease of use and seamless implementation.

With our no-nonsense, transparent pricing, you can trust that you're getting a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs. By choosing Vectoredge, you are not only investing in data protection but also aligning with a trusted partner that shares your sense of purpose and urgency in securing your organization's future.

Experience a worry-free, user-friendly approach to data security and compliance, coupled with budget-friendly pricing, at Vectoredge.

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