Identify, Manage and Protect Sensitive Data

Vectoredge reduces Cost and saves Time by Mapping, Discovering and Dynamic Auditing of enterprise Risky Users, Sensitive Data Entities and Critical Access Control enhancing Secure Data Sharing / API Protection.

Your Data, Your Control.
Securing Data made easy

Vectoredge comprehensive solution protects all types of identities within the enterprise—human or machine, on-prem or hybrid, regular or privileged
Vectoredge knowledge graph based 360° visibility tool provides mapping of all enterprise, identities, resources and entitlements in a single plane of glass.
Vectoredge provides True Zero trust which not only ensures but also assures the least-privileged access and the principle that no user or application should be inherently trusted.

Unified platform for managing identity and data access security

Vectoredge Security Platform integrates with your cloud infrastructure to provide security, visibility and reliability, ensuring users have fine-grained access.

AWS Redshift



  • Promotes security and governance.
  • Classify data and identify its context in the organization.
  • Laying the foundations for governance and security policies.
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